What does 2BHK Means? Understanding BHK Full Form in Flats!

2 bhk means

2BHK Means: The term BHK is very common in the real estate industry. People and real estate developers describe their flat or apartment in terms of BHK rather than traditional square footage. The main purpose to use the term BHK is to differentiate the different sizes of flats/apartments. 

Let us understand the BHK full form and what 2BHK means. So that it will help you when you look for a 2BHK flat in Newtown to buy or rent.

What is the BHK Full Form?

The BHK full form is “Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen”. The term BHK is used to indicate the number of Bedrooms, halls and kitchens in an apartment. 

Apartments with more BHKs are considered more spacious and luxurious and therefore they are costly in the real estate market. Furthermore, apartments with fewer BHKs are more affordable and meant for small families. 

Apart from BHK, there are many factors that affect the cost and value of the apartment like location, amenities and facilities. The flats or apartments are more premium which are well connected to public transportation, healthcare facilities, school, colleges, etc.   

What Does 2BHK Means?

As we mentioned above, BHK stands for Bedroom, Kitchen and Hall. The number before the term BHK denotes the number of bedrooms in that property. The number of halls and kitchens could vary. So, in that scenario, 2BHK means a flat or an apartment that has two bedrooms, one hall and one kitchen.

In the same way, 

  • 1BHK means 1 Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen
  • 2BHK means 2 Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen
  • 3BHK means 3 Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen
  • 4BHK means 4 Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen

What does 0.5 BHK Means?

0.5 BHK flat/apartment contains one bedroom, hall and kitchen but the bedroom size is smaller than a regular bedroom size. These types of properties are suitable for single individuals and small families. 0.5 BHK flats are popular in metro cities because of increasing demand of homebuyers.

What does 1RK Means?

1RK means one room and a kitchen. There is also a space for a washroom, However, there is no space for a hall or living area or dining area. Popular in big cities, these 1RK flats/apartments are built in smaller areas. 1RK properties are more affordable and obviously meant for small families, bachelors, students etc.

Is BHK a Determinant of Standard Size?

No, that’s not always the case. There are situations where a 1BHK apartment can have more square footage than a 2BHK. For example, flats/apartments located in the city center are often slightly smaller than those in the suburbs. Additionally, in older buildings, it’s not uncommon to come across a 1BHK that has been converted into a 2BHK.

In addition to the location, the size of apartments/flats can also differ among developers, which in turn increase or decrease the cost of the property. Furthermore, you may find variations within the offerings of a single real estate developer. 

2BHK Means- Understand the Carpet Area and Built-Up Area

Whenever we discuss the size of the property, it is important to understand the carpet area and built-up area. The carpet area in a 2BHK flat means the actual usable area where you live excluding the thickness of inner walls, elevator, lobby, stairs etc. On the other hand, a built-up area in a 2BHK flat means the area of the entire building.

Difference Between Flat and Studio Apartment

Flats are generally larger in area and there are separate areas for kitchen, hall, washroom and bedroom. They may have more than one bedroom and even a washing area. A 2BHK Flat in Kolkata has 2 bedrooms, one kitchen, one hall, one/two washrooms. Flats are generally owned or rented by families who require more space and privacy.

On the other hand, studio apartments are flats with no separate boundaries for hall, kitchen, and bedroom. These are smaller in size and consist of a single room with an attached bathroom. You can set temporary boundaries or define separate areas for kitchen and bedroom. Studio apartments are perfect for bachelors or students who do not cook as they don’t need to set up a kitchen.


We hope you understood the BHK full form and what does 2BHK means after reading this blog. There are many other terms in the real estate industry related to BHK like 1RK, 0.5 BHK, Studio apartment, etc. which we have discussed in this blog. If you have any query or suggestion, please write in the comment box below.

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